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Why Nordic skincare is our new beauty obsession…

Why Nordic skincare is our new beauty obsession…
Team LF
Writer and expert6 years ago
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The Hygge tidalwave is upon us with candles, cinnamon buns and cosy socks a plenty;  and now our Nordic friends are about to influence our lives again with the latest Finnish beauty proposition: Lumene.


Nordic people are subject to one of the most challenging climates for the skin so you may wonder how they keep their skin so flawless. Freezing temperatures and harsh wind means high performance skin‐care is required as hydration and protection are key to maintaining a healthy glow whilst avoiding red patches induced by the cold. The Lumene Lähde range is perfect for that boost of hydration, full of the purest arctic spring water.

Many Finnish women finish their cleansing routine with a splash of ice cold water and consider it a key step in their beauty routine. As the water quality in Finland is so pure, this addition to their routine helps to improve the clarity and softness of the skin. Even in heavily build up areas, such as the capital Helsinki, the water is soft and naturally pH-friendly allowing it to contribute to a healthy skin balance.

While we may not be able to benefit from the pure Finnish waters in our own bathrooms, Nordic Hydra [Lähde] encapsulates all the beautifying benefits of arctic spring water to soothe and deeply hydrate the complexion.

Equally, as outdoor activities are a real way of life in the Nordics and greatly contribute to the Finnish healthy balanced lifestyle, there is a real knowledge of local, natural ingredients. As a result of such expertise, Lumene's exclusive cosmetic formulas include wonderful natural ingredients such as Berry Oils, Birch Sap and Mushroom Extracts.


Lumene have become one of the most renown experts in harnessing these potencies and extracting skin‐loving Vitamins, free‐radical scavengers, hydrating natural sugars, fatty acid free oils from a variety of wild Finnish plants and trees. Embrace the glow with Lumene’s VALO range, high in Vitamin C and perfect for achieving that much needed boost as we leave winter behind.

Inspired by the flora that grows in the Northern Longitudes, the range is rich in nutrients and anti‐oxidants. Lumene pride themselves on their obsession for simplicity, purity and safety. You will have a hard time finding cosmetic‐dermatology inspired procedure treatments here.

A more gentle, non radical approach is preferred. A “no nasties” approach to formulation and a high percentage of natural and naturally derived ingredients in skincare makes Lumene perfect for everyone, even those with sensitive skin.

Team LF
Writer and expert
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