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Uniq One is an innovative hair care brand which boasts ten key haircare benefits in their products and treatments, working together to nourish, hydrate and protect the hair. Using advanced scientific technology to strengthen hair, reduce breakage and minimise split ends, their products are still suitable for sensitive skins and scalps due to the silk amino acids present in their hair care which work to gently moisturise and protect. By also providing UVA and UVB protection, the range works to constantly hydrate the hair and scalp, protecting it from the sun’s damaging rays, so even on holiday when hair is exposed to sun and chemicals such as chlorine, hair still remains shiny, smooth and manageable.
The conditioning properties present in the products means that a post-shampoo conditioner is not necessary, thereby inhibiting the hair being weighed down. Instead, Uniq One recommend their Hair Treatment spray which works to detangle hair post-cleansing and offer an extra boost of moisture and hydration to the hair fibres.
In comparison to the traditional 2-in-1 shampoos and conditioners which can leave the hair feeling dry, the Uniq One products offer a very different haircare experience, leaving hair thoroughly cleansed but wonderfully conditioned.
The Hair and Scalp Conditioning Shampoos are suitable for all hair types; they manage frizz, add volume, protect colour by keeping the hair fully hydrated, and repair dry and damaged hair.
The Hair Treatment sprays are designed to work in harmony with the Shampoo to seal in moisture and add shine and gloss to each individual hair fibre, so that hair is healthy, manageable and smooth. Infused with silk amino acids, the Hair Treatments work to fortify the hair strands, strengthening and restoring their vitality and health. They also add heat protection to the hair so that the fibres do not become dry and damaged when styling your hair with high-intensity heat products, helping your hair to retain moisture and stay hydrated.
Directions of use
Wet hair with warm water to open the cuticle - this allows the shampoo to fully penetrate the hair and absorb into the hair shaft.
Apply a small amount of Conditioning Shampoo to the hair and massage in from the root to tip, working in to each strand of hair.
N.B. The Conditioning Shampoo does not foam like other shampoos as it is sulfate-free – not only is this healthier for the hair, but it is great for people who have sensitive skin and scalps as this foaming agent can irritate the skin. Leave the Conditioning Shampoo to work for 1-2 minutes so it can nourish and hydrate the hair to its best ability. When finished, rinse the hair with cooler water to seal the cuticle and retain optimal shine and gloss. Finish with the Hair Treatment to lock in shine and add heat protection, to protect the hair fibres from high heat intensity when drying and styling.

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