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The O'right collection at Lookfantastic is an environmentally-friendly range of eco-friendly hair care products. The ethical hair care brand was set up by Steven Ko  in 2002, and was born out of a desire to eliminate harmful chemicals and heavy-metal contamination from shampoos and conditioners. The products in the and natural as possible.

O'right products pride themselves on being pure and sustainable, without compromising on quality. The O'right 'Tree in the Bottle' Shampoo is a prime example of the brand's carbon footprint coverage, allowing you to plant the bottle after use and see the Taiwanese acacia seeds grow into a tree over time.

As well as the 'Tree in the Bottle' shampoo being recyclable, each individual product uses biodegradable bottles for their packaging, as well as a non-toxic soy ink printing, making for a more sustainable process and less impact on our planet. 

What is the O'right Green Tea Tree in the Bottle Shampoo?

Created for normal to slightly damaged hair, the O'right Green Tea Tree in the Bottle Shampoo has been formulated with 96% natural ingredients, put together to gently cleanse away impurities and nourish hair from root to tip. The shampoo is rich in antioxidants and is made using certified organic green tea to prevent oxidation and to protect the hair. But it's not just what's in the shampoo that makes this product special. The shampoo comes in a biodegradable plastic bottle, packed with Taiwanese acacia seeds in the bottom. After you've finished using the shampoo, you simply plant the bottle in the ground, where it will break down over time and grow into a tree. This is the world's only beauty product that will prevent a negative carbon footprint, from processing right through to disposal.

My hair is looking dull. Which O'right range is best to boost my colour?

O'right's Golden Rose range is a fantastic choice for colour-treated tresses. The products works to boost your hair's natural radiance and completely revitalise your coloured tones, leaving you with brighter locks that radiate shine. Infused with golden rose essential oil and wasabi extract, the shampoo and conditioner effectively cleanse hair whilst lusciously nourishing from root to tip. The Golden Rose Essential Oil helps add a touch of moisture to thirsty coloured hair hair.

My hair is limp, lifeless and in need of a boost. Which O'right range is best for volume?

The range to pick if you're really wanting to see a difference in volume is the O'right Goji Berry range. Featuring a shampoo, conditioner and volumising cream, the products work to visibly boost your hair's natural volume, leaving it full of body and bounce. Perfect for anyone looking for fuller and thicker hair, the Goji Berry range is a must-have.
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