So last week I was counting down my favourite spring inspired essentials for your holistic health, with so many to choose from – here’s the rest of my top picks!

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Hands: Stri-Vectin Volumizing Hand Cream – £25.00 Delivered.

I was dubious about trialling StriVectin’s newest product, the volumizing hand cream – as its main aim is to fight the signs of ageing on the hands… Being young and thinking that my hands are in quite good nick (even if I say so myself) I was wondering what this hand cream would do for me? So I gave it to Mum, and I told her just to use a bit morning and night to see if it would help her harassed hands. As youthful and vibrant as she is, she feels her hands are a giveaway, so she used it religiously and it made a massive difference. She reported that her hands weren’t only soft and rejuvenated – but they were firmer, less dry, brighter and more evenly toned and all together younger – a definite spring skin resolution she’ll be keeping!

Legs: This Works – Legs to Go – £39.00 Delivered.

While I usually love the start of spring, the warmer weather, the longer days – there is one thing that myself (and the girls at LF HQ) always dread, shredding the tights and going bare-legged! Well fear no more girls; our perfect pin saviour is here! This Works daily boost body scrub is an excellent first step to re-texturising your lack-lustre limbs that have been hiding under trousers and jeans all winter. Then once your pins have been primed, you can apply the luxurious perfect leg skin miracle; it immediately transforms your legs from pale and uneven to gorgeous and glowing. Designed to take away, I preferred this hardworking duo firmly in my bathroom as beauty body staples… I now use the lovely little case they came in as a handy make-up bag – perfect!

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Feat: Neat Feat – Foot & Heel Balm – £7.94 Delivered.

Another inevitable event that can fill us all with fear and the start of spring is doing away with our comfortable boots and shoes we can hide our tootsies in, and slipping on our scandals and flip-flops! For me to feel comfortable enough to hit the beach in a pair of strappie’s I know I need to feel my feet are looking and feeling soft and fresh. Neat Foot and Heel balm helps to heal and restore any problem areas of the feet which have dried up and gone hard or cracked over winter. Simply massaging into the feet during shower or directly after the bath with the Neat Feat Pumice stone will leave skin soft and supply from soles to toes! I will definitely be using this as a pre-holiday feet treat.

Mind: VOYA – My Little Hero Anti-Ageing Face Serum – £51.00 Delivered.

One of my main priorities in terms of my skincare routine, is knowing that all the stress I.e. tanning and constant make up changed I put my complexion through won’t age me – I just want some piece of mind. I’m always busy and sometimes if I’ve been up for a while I notice my skin starting to sort of turn dull and patchy in places, which really adds years – not a good look! I had heard rumours that VOYA’s My Little Hero Anti-Ageing Face Serum was the best way to not only achieve youthful skin for more mature complexions, but also a great way to prevent the signs of ageing from starting to take effect on younger skin. I added just a couple of drops to my face after toning and found that it immediately looked bright and even.  I recommended this VOYA product to my friend and she said it worked great with her moisturiser and made her face look radiant too, literally glowing reports all round then!

Soul: NEOM Luxury Organics Diffuser Inspiration – £35.00 Delivered.

After I’ve spring cleaned there’s nothing I like better than a fresh fragrance to soothe my soul. I don’t like false, synthetic smells, so NEOM’s latest fragrance, Inspiration is perfect. The natural reed sticks soak up the oil and diffuse them so they waft around the room, this really lives up to its aspirational name…  I find smells can be really nostalgic and comforting – so in this instance I found the coconut, chamomile and cedarwood scent with top notes of traditional violet reminded me of English summer time; which made me feel calmed and relaxed.

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