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What is “Glass Skin”? Why you need to know about this New K-Beauty Trend

What is “Glass Skin”? Why you need to know about this New K-Beauty Trend
Team LF
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We can't keep up with new skincare trends coming out of Korea, but don't think we're complaining.

If it's decided you need a 10-step skincare routine for perfect skin, we'll do it. Sheet mask every night? Count us in. When a new trend floods our news feeds, we pay attention, and we have to say, our skin has been better for it ever since.

K-Beauty has become a bit of a cult skincare term over the years, and one that is followed by beauty editors and celebrities, to influencers and models. It's essentially any beauty trend that comes out South Korea, and usually involves glowing skin and hydrating products. Enter "Glass Skin".

What is the new K-Beauty Trend, "Glass Skin"?

"Glass Skin" is literally as its name suggests, skin that resembles glass. It means that it looks completely flawless, poreless, clear and translucent with not a blemish in sight.

The complexion should look ridiculously radiant and decadently dewy, with a focus on hydration and glow-inducing products.

The key trick to achieving "glass skin" is layering your skincare products. Sometimes we can be a little bit lazy and do a standard cleanse and moisturise job, but if you want to achieve "Gwang" (Korean for dewy glow), you're going to need to put some time and effort in. If you want to get "glass skin", you need to look a little deeper than surface level.

How do I get "Glass Skin"?

Exfoliation is key, and helps to remove excess dirt, oil, impurities and dead skin cells that cause that familiar rough and porous texture. If you like the feel of a traditional scrub, try the Too Cool For School Coconut Sugar Facial Scrub. It helps to transform dulling and fatigued complexions using a blend of Coconut Sugars and Shells.

If you prefer something that doesn't feel too grainy on the skin, try G9SKIN Grapefruit Vita Peeling Gel. It works by using a blend of AHAs and BHAs to dissolve dead skin cells and leave the complexion feeling clear and healthy.

Next up is the hydrating serum, which helps to lock in moisture and keep the skin glowing. Huxley Essence Grab Water, which contains a high dosage of Sahara Prickly Pear Cactus Oil to flood the skin with moisture.

Make sure you top up throughout the day with a face mist to keep the hydration locked into your skin. We love Holika Holika Good Cera Super Ceramide Mist which contains Orange, Lemongrass and Chamomile Oils to keep the skin bright and refreshed.

Team LF
Writer and expert
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