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Why Use An Olaplex Treatment?

Why Use An Olaplex Treatment?
Team LF
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The Olaplex regime has been in the beauty news since it launched. Hairdressers sing its praises, celebrities attribute it to their great hair, and bloggers confirm their locks can't live without it.

When it comes to understanding the complex Olaplex 3-step treatment however, it gets a little more complicated. So, just what is Olaplex, and what makes it so great?

How Olaplex works

The Olaplex regime is in theory, a very simple 3 step process when you understand how it works.

It uses a unique patented and active ingredient that helps to repair broken bonds in the hair. Each of the 3 different treatments contain varying levels of this active ingredient to help your hair at different stages of the colouring process. By repairing these broken bonds caused by thermal (styling tools) and chemical (hair dye) damage, your hair will be stronger, shinier and much healthier.

  1. The No. 1 Step is called The Bond Multiplier. This is used in-salon, where it is mixed with your colour treatment to help keep your hair protected during the colouring process, which can weaken and damage bonds and fibres.
  2. The No. 2 Step is called The Bond Perfector, and is used post-shampooing, but pre-conditioning. It helps to seal in the benefits from the first step, whilst also repairing any remaining bonds that are broken.

How does the Olaplex treatment work?

The Olaplex No.3 Treatment (the Hair Perfector) is the take home version of the hairdressers products. It works by providing constant protection to your hair, so that even long after your hair has been coloured, it remains strong, shiny and healthy.

How to use Olaplex

  1. Wash your hair if you feel it has a build-up of oils and product.
  2. Rinse and towel dry.
  3. Apply the Olaplex treatment and comb through to ensure the product is evenly distributed.
  4. Leave on your hair for a minimum of 10 minutes, but the longer the better!
  5. Rinse out of your hair, shampoo and condition as normal. Try our Olaplex Shampoo and Conditioner bundle.
  6. Use once a week for the best results.

When to use Olaplex

Olaplex steps 1 and 2 are best used on coloured hair that is going through chemical or mechanical damage, but you can use number 3 on all hair types. They are brilliant for keeping your hair in healthy condition and strengthening the fibres, so your hair remains shiny and beautiful.

If you feel you have gone through excessive styling or heat damage with your hair, or that you have overdone the colouring process, add Olaplex into your routine for a complete hair health transformation.

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Team LF
Writer and expert
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