Magnitone Pulsar | The results

Proven to effectively cleanse, refresh and stimulate the skin, leaving you with a softer, smoother and clearer complexion within just 7 days of use, the Magnitone Pulsar is a firm favourite here at Lookfantastic.

You guys know just how much we love trialling products, so we decided to put Magnitone’s 7 day promise to the test and conduct a #7daychallenge; encouraging ladies to try out the Magnitone Pulsar for 7 days to either prove or disprove the 10 amazing benefits, which include firmer, clearer and smoother skin, enhanced moisture absorption of products and a reduction in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.



The results were overwhelmingly positive! Every user noticed improvements in the clarity and condition of their skin with 99.1% of users saying they would recommend Magnitone Pulsar to a friend!

Our first candidate, Nicole Faulks was hoping to see an improvement in the tone and the texture of he skin and a reduction in the appearance of her pores. After 7 days she said: “I can honestly say, I have seen a massive change in the skin. I mean if you look at my before photos in Day 1’s post compared to now, my skin is so much more healthy looking and plump. My skin texture has also massively improved, it’s not exactly where I would like it to be, but the Magnitone Pulsar has helped a great deal.

Nicole Faulks

Magnitone Pulsar tester: Nicole Faulks

Beauty Blogger Daniella Josephine also said that the Magnitone Pulsar has empowered her with confidence and has revolutionised her beauty routine. She even noticed her skin condition significantly deteriorate when she stopped using it! She said: “When I was using the Pulsar I actually felt quite confident about my skin. It looked youthful and clear and it felt firmer and so smooth. Now, my skin has gone back to feeling saggy, looking dull and areas of congestion are building up again. I no longer feel good about my skin. Make up doesn’t sit right on my skin like it did when I was using the Pulsar.

Talluah Rose also experienced a massive improvement when she used Magnitone Pulsar for just 7 days, documenting her results day by day for us:

Day 1 – My skin feels as smooth as babies bottom after the first use!
Day 2 – Had a little outbreak due to impurities coming out however my skin feels much tighter today.
Day 3 – I am looking younger! Forehead wrinkles are diminished and I have a ‘tight teenager forehead’.
Day 4 – Somebody remarked on my skin today (without knowing what I’m up to) saying I looked ‘fresh’. My skin is getting softer by the day!
Day 5 – Getting into the pulsing massage setting as it gives me a healthy glow
Day 6 – My husband remarked on skin (miracles do happen!)
Day 7 – I am super happy with my Magnitone Pulsar, what did I do without it? My pores are smaller and my skin is much softer and tighter, I look visibly ‘fresher’!

Tallulah Rose

Magnitone Pulsar tester: Tallulah Rose

See for yourself! Revolutionise your skincare routine with Magnitone Pulsar for softer, clearer and more radiant skin in just 7 days of use. And don’t forget, you can buy your own with free worldwide delivery on Lookfantastic!




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